Stronghold 2

Stronghold 2

Stronghold 2 is a strategy and management game developed by Firefly

Stronghold 2 is a strategy and management video game developed by Firefly Studios and published by Take Two Interactive, in which the player builds an empire in the Medieval era.
Stronghold 2 offers more content than its predecessors Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader: the emergence of a mercenaries recruitment centre, the reputation closely linked to the activities of the lord and the castle, a more sophisticated system of punishment for criminals, new forms of raw materials and the ability to employ new troops, more diverse, but also new weapons of siege and the defence of the castle.

The story of Stronghold 2 is divided into two parts: firstly, the campaign management, which is not totally different to the military campaign in the sense that it presents many similarities, and then the military campaign itself. Chronologically speaking, it seems likely that the campaign management lies before the events of the military campaign.

With a simple control system and very realistic game development, you'll create farms to feed your citizens, mines to build walls and sawmills to build the wooden huts. Of course, you also have to face other feudal lords. Use your infantry, cavalry and even catapults to achieve your goals.
Stronghold 2 has a good graphics engine, which offers a medieval age of great realism.

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